Topic 3: Authentic + Professionalism = Being Real(ly) Professional

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How do you characterize your genuine self accurately in the digital world?

The pursuit of Authenticity triggers strong opinions among people, on what’s real and what’s fake. One point the majority of us can agree on, is that we value being ‘real’ and ‘real’ things.

The consequences of being dishonest and lying?


Infographic Source: JobCentral

This infographic proves that >60% employers of employers in Singapore will not consider hiring you once they find evidence of false information about you online. Never assume others don’t know much about you, while you attempt to conceal certain information in the digital world.

/ Be Authentic. Earn Trust. /

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, these are just one of the many social networks for Internet users to build and develop their authentic digital professional profile. The benefits? Plenty of job opportunities out there thanks to the Web. Jobvite’s 2014 Social Recruiting Survey, found that across 1,855 global recruiters, 73% of them have hired a candidate through social media. The concern now should be among thousands and millions of other fishes in the sea, how do you compete and make yourself stand out from the rest.

After reviewing various online articles, I have selected the top 2 (in my humble opinion), the most interesting methods, that you could consider while developing your professional profile online.

1. Think out of the box, Be unexpected


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Invent new ways of presenting yourself online! It doesn’t always have to be in the form of submitting your resume to the HR department. A great example would be university student, Graham Allgood scoring his dream interview at the largest standalone ad agency in the US, after designing his own geofilter on Snapchat, to run an advertising campaign promoting himself. That’s another way of showcasing his greatest strength, creativity, an essential quality of a designer in the creative industry. Definitely worth a try.

2. Show your human side

Soft skills are valued! According to this article posted on The Strait’s Times, employers are placing an increasing amount of significance in graduates’ soft skills. Great communication skills or perhaps a passionate team player, do you possess these qualities that organisations are looking out for? Share some of your most relevant experiences on your social media, in the right place and at the right time, it could land you an interview or two.

An individual’s digital professional profile is meant for public viewing. Every footprint left on the Internet, may leave a positive or negative impression that’s capable of affecting one’s job prospects. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to be another Amy Cheong or Anton Casey making Singapore’s headlines for the wrong reason.

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7 thoughts on “Topic 3: Authentic + Professionalism = Being Real(ly) Professional

  1. beatricehan says:

    Hello Sherying!

    Absolutely love your insightful post that is clear and easy to understand! I like how you mentioned soft skills as it is very easily neglected in the harsh working environment due to organizations focusing more on experience and hard skills.

    In your opinion, what methods do you think a person can use to develop their online professional profile other than social media? After all, the internet is a diverse place! In addition, what are your thoughts on having multiple CVs to attract different industry organizations? Or does it show you are not authentic because all CVs are different? Thank you!!

    With regards,


  2. joeyseah001 says:

    Hi Sherying, I like how you use the “Think out of the box” method of creating a professional digital profile. The examples provided is really fascinating where you mentioned a university student promoting himself in a really unique way through marketing campaign. By doing something out of the norm, it will appeal to recruiters more and at the same time, it allows individuals to present their skills and abilities better. I also like how you mentioned the point about the need for soft skills because skills like teamwork is highly sought after by employers nowadays. When you talked about the part where false information of yourself will turn recruiters away, how can individuals then prevent this from happening? Also, what do you think individuals should present in their profile that will make recruiters more interested in their portfolio? Great work anyway! Keep it up! ☺


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